A Google Professional Development partner, iPad and Windows specialist – we work with the leading Chromebook, iPad and laptop providers in your area to make sure your school gets the most from your technology.


Developing our Service

Balancing academic research with nearly 20 years of working side-by-side with teachers every day in the classrooms, we have developed the only training model that delivers real, ongoing improvement in schools – that’s why 95% of schools renew their Cocoon training programme every year.

Cocoon and our partners are committed to:

  • Providing strategic leadership training to build and fully support your vision
  • Targeted teacher training and whole-school development
  • Year-long, cost-effective support for all schools – real progress, with clear milestones and regular reviews
  • Understanding the individual needs of each school and building your plan accordingly
  • Constantly evolving your school plan in response to your ever-changing needs

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