Learning Bundles

We work closely with the teams behind the best educational platforms to bring you the best training and content – with a ‘bundle discount’.

Explain Everything Discount

For teachers and students – teach, learn, plan, present, create videos and work together. The multi-purpose approach of a digital whiteboard on student and teacher devices transforms the traditional classroom.

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Book Creator Discount

Book Creator allows students to easily become creators of content rather than consumers of it and can be used across multiple subjects for students of any age.

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Bring digital storytelling to life with WeVideo; your students can create documentaries, original narratives, podcasts and more – giving a voice and unlimited creativity to all.

Soundtrap Discount

Much more than just music production; use Soundtrap to create soundscapes, podcasts, explore geography and even maths from a unique, creative and impactful perspective.

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Hopscotch Discount

Unleash the power of code with your students with the amazing Hopscotch. Easy-to-use block-based programming with enough flexibility for young coders as well as teenagers and adults!

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Cloud Stop Motion Discount

Animate any topic with this powerful animation package that runs directly in your browser. Add voice, sound, music, speech bubbles, titles and credits to create a complete, finished film.

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