Core Skills Kickstarter

Learn the Core Skills for G Suite/ Office 365, and Other Essential Platforms


On average, teachers reported their confidence more than doubling in with our ‘Kickstarter’ training!


Develop confidence with essential tools that can be used in-school or remotely.  Our blended learning kickstarter is provided through a mix of online content and webinar training.  Develop skills throughout our three day ‘core skills’ training programme – ensure all staff have a baseline confidence and take that stress out of whole-school planning!  Run effective, stress-free digital classrooms; focusing on G-Suite, Office 365 and a selection of other top platforms (including Zoom, WeVideo, Google Jamboard, MS Whiteboard, Loom and more)


The average rating for the kickstarter training is 9/10.


Webinars will be available at a time of your choosing throughout the training and they are fully supported by personalised dashboards for every teacher with dynamic training content – so you’ll never have to miss a thing!  

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Choose from 1 hour training sessions to three month flexi-support for all staff.  See more information here



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How do I create our school’s account on Cocoon?

Your school needs a whole-school account, this will be used to create teacher accounts.  Simply click ‘Free Trial’ in the top right corner and create you free account in 30 seconds.  Be sure to create teacher accounts for all participating teachers – see below.

How do I create teacher accounts?

Once you have created your whole-school account you will be brought to your Administrator dashboard for Cocoon.  Simply click the ‘Teacher Accounts’ menu to create accounts for your teachers – click here if you need help creating teacher accounts.

Is there any obligation to sign-up to other subscriptions after the kickstarter

No, the kickstarter is a stand-alone event.  Your account will remain open, with free, limited access to your Cocoon account.   

Will this prepare my staff for the year ahead

The goal of the ‘Core Skills Kickstarter’ is to develop ‘core skills’, there will of course be a lot more to learn on your staff’s overall journey – professional development is an ongoing process.  These skills may develop organically over the year (you’ll need to keep reinforcing them), or you can choose to work with us on one of our longer term support options. No one offers the level of support for individual teachers that we do.