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How clear a picture do you have on your school’s ‘Covid-Readiness’?

Our ‘Covid-Ready’ certificate allows you return to learning in core subjects, either:

  1. safe in the knowledge that you are ready for the uncertainties of the year ahead
  2. or it will highlight necessary action(s) to get your school ready


2 Key Focuses for being ‘Covid-Ready’

1) Be ‘Tech-Ready’

2) Health and Hygiene Awareness


(1) Be Tech-Ready

Keep the stress out of planning with one solution for all scenarios: whether it is (A) return to full class teaching; (B) future closures (local or national); or (C) blended learning.


  • Return to school in full confidence, without the stress of unnecessary uncertainties lingering
  • Receive precise breakdown of staff and student readiness across a variety of essential categories – ideal for sharing with school communities and boards/ governors
  • Analyse data for existing staff and student skillsets in your chosen virtual classroom tool(s): Google for Education, Office 365, Seesaw, Showbie, Class Dojo

(2) Health and Hygiene Awareness

Know exactly what each student and staff member knows about health and hygiene in a Covid-19 world.  Provide regular health check-ins for staff to give you and your school community 100% clarity at all times.

Receive data on student knowledge of required hygiene practices; such as hand sanitising, social distancing, mental health awareness and more.


Your Certificate

Clear overview of the essentials for your school’s ‘Covid-Readiness’.


  • Breakdown of overall student and teacher tech-ready ability, as well as their health and hygiene awareness 
  • Functionality to look at individual teacher and student knowledge in any specific category
  • Use the data to (A) take necessary action or (B) relax in the knowledge that your school is ready for the uncertainties of the year ahead
  • Share the data with your school community to provide ongoing reassurance and reduce unnecessary contact from parents/ guardians
  • GDPR/ COPPA compliant: Your data will remain yours, we will direct you to it but won’t have access to it

Use our regular health check-ins to provide ongoing reassurance for your school’s community

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