Stressed over planning, training, writing lessons and endlessly searching for the best software?

Cocoon is just like having a team of consultants available for you and your staff 24/7; in-school, at home, anywhere.  Whatever guidance you are looking for – we’re here!  Whatever content you need – just ask! 

We will bring the wisdom, experience and ongoing hardwork of 1,000s of schools around the world into your school – saving you and your teachers endless hours of unnecessary planning and stress.  Get used to leaning on us and wondering how/ why you ever did your job without us there to help 🙂


A Solution for Every School’s Needs and Budget

Which of these three options best suits your immediate needs?  We need…


Get started straight away with all the content you need:


> Step-by-step lesson plans, demo videos, lesson ideas, training docs and more!  
> Over 2,000 resources curated for your teachers on personalised dashboards

> Training programmes for G Suite and Office 365

> We have content for all the most popular platforms, you can even request new content (at no extra charge!)

> Progress Hubs for teachers to manage their individual progress and coordinators to manage whole-school curriculum integration and planning

> Our smart development plan releases increasingly difficult content every year – ensuring a developmental, achievable journey for everyone


Learn Essential Skills for G Suite/ Office 365
> Choose from 1 hour to 3 months duration
> 9/10 average rating  
>The average teacher’s skills and confidence grew from 3/10 to 7/10 in just two weeks!

> Focus on Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams 

> Learn to record and share explanation videos and other essential platforms

> Home-school communications; easy and stress-free

A Long-Term, Flexible and Affordable Training Programme

Our long-term support takes the stress away from leadership and empowers all teachers:

> 1:1 whole-school strategy and planning (optional)
>Regular meetings with the leadership team (optional)
>Management tool to easily monitor progress for all teachers

> Targeted training for EVERY teacher with personalised learning portals

> 24/7 mentor access for all teachers

> Full curriculum integration for all subjects and year groups – take the stress out of planning!


92% of schools say that Cocoon’s training has been ‘essential’ to their development (Leadership Survey, February 2020)

What is the Cocoon Dashboard?

An easy-to-use blended training portal providing teachers with EVERYTHING they need to teach with technology.

Two Key Elements: (1) Content (2) Training


(1) Content

Cocoon has step-by-step lesson plans, modules and lesson ideas documents for all the leading educational platforms.  Simply browse by year group, computing strand or search for a specific app you would like to use with your students.  We have over 2,000 resources for students from 3 to 18 years old curated for you on your personalised dashboard.  And if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can just request it!


(2) Training

Our G Suite and Office 365 Training Programmes are designed to develop your staff’s core skills on a termly basis.  Our achievable milestones can be differentiated for different staff; enabling some to go ahead, some to work at a slower pace, and enabling you to keep a record of everyone’s progress in one central location.  Make whole-school planning easy for leadership and teachers!  Click here for more about differentiating for teachers.



Manage Progress at a Glance

Teachers and Coordinators can use their Progress Hubs to keep the school moving forward, with ease.

Teachers can record a training need, their integrated planning or choose a training programme all at the touch of a button.  Coordinators can manage the whole-school’s development at a glance, or look at individual sections or teacher progress in more detail.



Smart Development Plan

Our content starts at entry-level skills and confidence for staff and students.  Teachers can easily change difficulty levels to differentiate for students.  Every year there is additional (more difficult) content added to your dashboard, ensuring the plan grows with your school

Put yourself and teachers at ease

Whole-School Planning

We can either provide you with planning documents and templates for you to lead your own planning (with webinar support), or work with you on a 1:1 level where we review your school’s progress to date and develop planning with you through ongoing 1:1 strategy and planning sessions.

     Why stress yourself out researching and planning?

Ongoing Webinars

Live CPD sessions with topics chosen by the Cocoon community


Ask Questions Live

Engage with the Experts


Our regular webinars will cover a breadth of topics on all things to do with technology in education.  Not just that, our webinar topics are chosen by you! We take suggestions from our schools community and then put the most popular suggestions up for a vote a week in advance of the next live webinar.





Self-assessment, ePortfolios, summative and formative assessment, G Suite/ Office 365 for assessment, personalised plans, and more.

Assessment Strategies for YOUR Students

Use your preferred tools (G Suite, Office 365 and more) for assessing students, or let us introduce you to the most popular options.   We can build a personalised plan for your school or you can build your own with our training documents and webinars to take the majority of the workload (and stress!) off your shoulders.  Our Mentors are at hand for your teachers 24/7 to help guide you also.  


Assessment Tool for Primary Schools

Record the progress of students at the click of a button through our simple colour coding system. Teachers can also add text notes for individual students on specific assessment criteria if they wish. For further ease-of-use, our assessment tool comes with pre-populated assessment criteria.

Each class’s assessment tool can be accessed by your school’s designated admin via the admin dashboard, enabling them to view progress of any and all classes at the push of a button. The assessment record can also be downloaded as a pdf.  Ideal for parent meetings and inspectors.

Differentiating for Students

Teachers can easily create whole class notes or notes for specific learning needs while viewing lessons in the teacher dashboard. When students open the relevant lesson in their own dashboard they will see the notes left by their teacher for that lesson.  

This simple tool enables the students to achieve more during lessons, and empowers the teacher to confidently support groups or individual students that they want to support.

Responsive Resource Library

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Request it!


Request Resources 

For individual lessons or whole-staff training

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with a level of service that is on another level to anything else available, we proudly base your support on a responsive resource library.  So how does it work?  Our Responsive Resource Library is unlike any other available support, nobody else builds resources in response to school requests.

So why do we do it? In order for us to continue to provide the best service possible for schools, we need to know what is going on in every classroom. Our Responsive Resource Library helps us to keep our finger on the pulse while simultaneously providing our schools with the resources they need – it’s a win-win!